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LJMU Book Cover

I have recently finished working on a great project with Third Millennium Books, a publishing house in London. They commissioned me to produce a set of illustrations to feature on the front and back cover of a book called LJMU – The Making of a Modern University. I also attended Liverpool John Moores and graduated in […]

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The Nigerian Voices Book

I’ve just completed my first book whilst working at Nonconform. ‘The Nigerian Voices’ is a unique publication that takes you on a journey, sharing the voices of Nigerians who decided to leave their country of birth from the 1960’s onwards, and settle in the city of Bradford. The project addresses the need to record the unique […]

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Geek by day….

In my spare time, (when I’m not dancing or drawing on something) I like to explore dusty bookshops and antique shops. One of my favourites is a quirky bookshop in Southport called Parkinson’s Books. It’s a 3 storey shop filled with all kinds of gems (quite literally) selling not just books, but shells, crystals and fossils too! It’s […]

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