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Happy Christmas

Hope you have a peaceful Christmas & New Year. I think I’ll spend my whole week off hiding in the house and also out walking in the countryside., with the occasional gin n tonic thrown in. xxx

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Giclée Prints

New prints available from my shop! Affordable giclee prints on beautiful watercolour paper. Some of the originals, (mostly the Violet series) will be on display at this years Chester Arts Fair. I’ll also be printing a set of black & white prints and hand finishing them with watercolour, keep your eyes peeled. If however another […]

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Geek by day….

In my spare time, (when I’m not dancing or drawing on something) I like to explore dusty bookshops and antique shops. One of my favourites is a quirky bookshop in Southport called Parkinson’s Books. It’s a 3 storey shop filled with all kinds of gems (quite literally) selling not just books, but shells, crystals and fossils too! It’s […]

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