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I’m an illustrator and designer from Liverpool. I currently work at a graphic design studio,  Nonconform also based in Liverpool. When creating my work I try to experiment & incorporate many different mediums & processes. I use anything from a pencil to spray paint & I like to work on canvas, found objects, paper, wood, a computer and brick walls. I have many different sources of inspiration including: nature, calligraphy, astronomy, music, ballet, people, fashion & art nouveau.

Over the past few years I have collaborated with many artists & organisations including: Oxford Lieder Festival, Third Millennium Publishing, F.Disruptors, Oasis-Fashion, Engage Liverpool, Novotel, Oxjam, Diesel, Wild in Art, Young Addaction, Everton FC, Marburae Gallery & Shackleford Pianos, Cheshire, Barnaby Festival, Manchester Camerata  & Bob Gallery in  New York.

As a child I was inspired by illustrators such as Charlotte Voake and Quentin Blake, (who I still love today) the sketchy expressive style just captured my attention. I was given a book called ‘A Necklace Full of Raindrops’ by Jan Pienkowski & Joan Aiken, I would read it over and over and try to copy the illustrations. In my teens I became aware of the erotic and gothic illustrator Aubrey Beardsley. I fell for his beautiful & idiosyncratic line work.

I started to draw from the age of 3, since then I don’t think I have gone a day without drawing on something, I think I’d go mad if I didn’t.